Workplace Mediation

Workplace disputes can be very costly and time consuming for management. They can also have a negative effect on employee relations and on the wider organisation.  Typical workplace disputes might include:

  • Disputes between employees
  • Disputes between an employee and a manager
  • Bullying and harassment cases
  • Issues relating to sickness and absenteeism
  • Equal pay disputes

Resolving the dispute in a timely way can be very beneficial for all concerned helping to alleviate the following concerns;

  • Reduced staff morale
  • Increased stress for managers and staff leading to worsening sickness absence levels.
  • A decrease in productivity
  • Damage an organisation’s reputation
  • Loss of talent and related recruitment costs
  • Deflection of management time away from business priorities
  • Development of a blame culture
  • Escalation to Employment Tribunal claims

Savings in management time and productivity, fewer escalating disputes and the positive effect this can have on employee relations makes mediation a truly worthwhile intervention.


  • Workplace mediation is undertaken on a staged basis designed to deal with the circumstances and complexity of the dispute situation. The process starts with a background briefing by the client, and is typically followed by individual meetings between the mediator and the parties. These are then usually followed by a joint meeting involving all parties.
  • Fees are AED 19,500 per day.
  • Expenses covering travel and accommodation are charged at cost.
  • Most mediations are completed within 1 to 1.5 days.
  • Fees for workplace mediations are usually paid by the employer.