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Breaking up is never easy

By 1st March 2022 No Comments

Breaking up is never easy……… So why do we think it’s going to be?

During any separation there will often be moments when people say or do things in the heat of the moment, which they will later come to regret. You may have been on the receiving end of some of this behaviour?  Perhaps you retaliated with something you now regret?

Confrontational episodes can escalate very quickly and the longer they go on, the harder they are to resolve.

Many of our clients find themselves in just this position. In our experience, it is virtually impossible to unpick all of the arguments and make a determination on the root cause of the problem. Is it realistic for that one comment, made in the heat of the moment, to then define that person and have such a significant impact on the mutual course of their separation?

At Crowther Mediation we enable our clients to set past grievances aside and concentrate on moving forward. We don’t want our clients to waste valuable time and money rehashing old arguments, the outcome of which will make no difference at all to the real issues, such as dividing assets or making lasting arrangements for children.

Sometimes a simple apology or an agreement to disagree is the key to unlocking months or even years of conflict and finally making progress.

Find out how Crowther Mediation can help support you during this break up. Contact a member of our team today.