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Shaping the future of mediation

By 31st January 2019 No Comments

When not at the helm of delivering family and civil mediation services for their many clients, Nicola Crowther and the team are working hard to train and upskill the next generation of mediators not just in the UK but across the globe.

Established five years ago in Sunderland, Crowther Mediation has steadily evolved into one of the largest mediation practices in the North of England, with a dedicated team of staff and eight offices across the region. The business specialises in acting as mediator to assist parties to resolve civil, commercial, family and workplace disputes as well as offering a range of training services.

Nicola Crowther, Director, Crowther Mediation says;

“Crowther Mediation has a number of arms to the business, with our training services increasingly forming a large part of the organisation. As a mediation practitioner there is nothing more rewarding than helping clients find resolution for their family and corporate disputes but there is also something very gratifying about the role myself and the team are able to play in shaping the future of mediation through the training and advisory roles we are privileged to hold.”

As a Professional Practice Consultant, Nicola is responsible for supervising trainee mediators across the UK. This involves meeting with supervisees on a regular basis, supporting them in their own practices and keeping them up to date with changes in the sector.

 The accreditations don’t end there as Nicola is also an elected board member of the Family Mediation Association (FMA), responsible for helping to develop best mediation practice. It is here she is able to raise awareness of the service and liaise directly with the Ministry of Justice to develop the role of family mediation within family law.  And it is following FMA’s direct input that family mediation is now an essential part of the legal framework within the family law process.

Alongside her many roles in the UK, Nicola is also Principal of the Family Department for ADR-ODR International who provide global dispute and training services. It is here  she undertakes mediation and training on an international basis for both the family and civil market, as well as supporting corporate clients with negotiation training services.

Nicola comments;

“Playing a role in shaping the future of mediation in the UK is one thing but having the opportunity to work on a global level has been a real privilege for myself and the team.  This year, civil mediation and family mediation training will take place in Greece, the UAE, Calcutta, Daka, Mumbai and Oslo to name but a few.”

“When the EU directed Greece to use family mediation to ease the burden on the legal system following financial crisis, it was an honour to be appointed and approved by the Greek Bar Council as the only mediator in the UK to deliver family mediation training to Greek lawyers.  It’s always incredibly rewarding to train a new batch of ‘Peace Makers’ anywhere in the world and I try to keep in touch with as many of them as possible.”

More locally, Crowther Mediation is also playing an active role in the community working in collaboration with the region’s universities, including Sunderland, Northumbria, Durham and Teesside offering a range of trainee mediator positions to legal graduates.

Nicola added;

“With mediation becoming such a fast-growing industry, it’s important that we play our part in upskilling the next generation to ensure individuals are fully equipped to deliver these important services now and in the future. With offices across the North East, we are proud to be working alongside the region’s universities and playing our part in shaping the mediators of tomorrow.”

For more information on how Crowther Mediation can help you contact 0191 249 9278 email: [email protected]